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Learn How to Improve Your Singing Voice in Days

Watch this incredible video below and learn techniques on how to sing high notes and improve your singing voice in days as world renowned vocal coach to thousands Aaron Anastasi reveals in the following video the 3 simple things you need to learn to sing by revealing how to improve your pitch, tone, and vocal range.

Aaron Anastasi has taught thousands of people all over the world how to sing and now the video below will reveal to you how to improve your singing voice in just days.

Listen to what others have to say about what Aaron teaches…

”The range building exercises and vocal agility exercises helped tremendously but also the exercises on vocal tone and resonators made a HUGE difference almost instantly. It was almost miraculous! I practiced 2 songs which I would never been able to pull off and sang them at a karaoke show this week (this is after only using your course for a week) while I was singing I noticed the usually somewhat noisy crowd had gone silent. They were actually listening! 

There is no way I could have done these songs two weeks ago… It worked perfectly and the tone was unreal. I moved from chest voice to head voice without any cracks or breaks. UNREAL! I had so many comments after those songs. The best was from a friend who sees me every week and said “Where the HECK did that come from?” I just told him I have a vocal coach named Aaron and he is really good! LOL”

”Excellent! Incredible information packed into the easy to watch and understand videos. I started using the information from each video AMAZING! It all started clicking for me immediately… The range building exercises and vocal agility exercises helped tremendously but also the exercises on vocal tone and resonators made a HUGE difference almost instantly.”
– Les Cox

”The unique exercises have taken me beyond a simple warm up routine helping my voice “breakthrough”. My range has increased, I hit higher notes, and I feel less strain in my voice and notes that were once impossible to reach are now easy to sing.”
Ray D – Florida

Everyone of Aaron’s students rave over the simplicity of his techniques and how fast they see results. It’s like taking singing lessons from Aaron right from your own home without the expensive costs of a vocal coach.

Imagine being able to belt out that tune you’ve so long wanted to sing, startling friends and family. Now you can blow them away by sliding from chest to head voice effortlessly with Aaron’s simple to understand tips, exercises and techniques. Aaron teaches you how to sing high notes without the stress and strain you would normally feel.

This video will reveal how to increase your vocal range, improve your singing voice, have better breath control, greater depth of resonance, and overall improve your singing voice literally within days. Click the video below to watch now.

Be sure to turn up your speakers and watch the entire video, I guarantee you will be surprised at what you are about to learn…

Click the video below now…

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Are Singing Lessons Worth It

singing lessonsWondering if singing lessons are really worth it? I’ve taken singing lessons and can answer some questions for you. I know this isn’t Yahoo Answers or anything, but actually as a person who used to take singing lessons regularly I think i can answer that question fairly well.

By the way, just FYI, if you have any questions after reading this post be sure to post them in the comments section down below and I would love to do my best to answer them for you.

First off I can tell you that I have taken two different and distinct types of singing lessons. This is very important because the type of vocal exercises you will be doing for the different types is going to make a major impact on whether you will actually see and hear improvement in your singing voice with days or months.

The first singing lessons I took were from my aunt who had taken singing in college. With this old style of singing lessons I was encouraged to push air out by pretending to squeeze a quarter between my butt cheeks as I tried to go up the scale and into my head voice to reach the high notes at the top of my range.

I took these types of lessons for nearly three years and did see some little bit of improvement in my range and voice.

However, it was a very uncomfortable way to sing. One of the most difficult things about it was trying to get into my head voice. I was a teenage girl who had dreams of a beautiful soprano voice  but had been a low-low alto for many years and trying to discover what it actually felt like to sing in my head resonance without straining and damaging my vocal chords was very difficult for me.

My aunt did the best she knew how and she would often say, can you feel that “feeling” that is how you know you are in your head voice. I remember thinking many times “what feeling, my indigestion?”

It was just very confusing and frustrating for me to try and “discover by accident” what it is supposed to feel like to sing in your head voice.

One day all that changed, however when I was talking to a friend about my singing lessons and how I thought I had discovered my head voice, but wasn’t really sure. My friend’s name was Joe. He told me he had also been taking singing lessons from an experienced vocal coach who taught a superior and highly advanced singing method called speech level singing.

I of course was very interested and he introduced me to his voice teacher and for $25.00 I could take lessons from Joe’s own teacher. It was quite expensive though for a teenage girl from a lower middle class family to afford the lessons and Joe soon found out how to teach singing lessons himself using the same method. He let me take lessons from him for only $10.00 per lesson for some time before I purchased the same singing lessons CD that he had purchased. After that I never looked back.

I had found something that finally made sense. I heard a difference within days and my voice had improved more within two months than it had the entire nearly three years I had taken singing lessons the old “college” way from my aunt. I had finally found my head voice (within the first lesson in fact!) and I knew when I was in my head voice and it became easy to slide up and down the scale, going over the bridges without my voice breaking.

My aunt soon discovered this great way of teaching singing lessons as well and began to use these techniques and only these as they were so much more superior.

I have been singing for over 15 years now as a high soprano for choir and family events and people still comment on how easy it is for me to slide around the scale and go into my head voice.

For me, the speech level singing method was definitively singing lessons that are really worth it!